Solar Leads – Pay Per Lead or Pay Per Installation

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Finally a Solar Marketing Partner That Provides Pre-Qualified Direct Mail Live Transfer Solar Leads on a Pay Per Lead Basis That Yields an $850 or Less Cost Per Solar Installation!

Demand for Solar is exploding and so is the competition. Acquiring as much market share as possible, as quickly as possible is crucial. Now more than ever you need a proven, direct mail based Solar Marketing partner providing live inbound call Solar Leads using Pay Per Lead or Pay Per Installation pricing, not just another inconsistent online PPC or live transfer telemarketing Solar Leads marketing company who puts all of the financial and performance risk on your shoulders.

With Fresh Green Leads it’s easy to achieve a Cost Per Installation (CPI) of $850 or less whether you purchase 25 or 250 Solar Leads per day. Call us on it and we’ll prove it!

You’ve finally found a reliable, world class Solar Marketing partner in Fresh Green Leads who can consistently provide high conversion Solar Leads on a Pay Per Lead or Pay Per Installation basis for your sales agents day in and day out. Our Solar Leads are generated via direct mail as live inbound calls. Our inbound call center pre-qualifies every live Solar Lead before forwarding the live transfer and electronic lead information to your call center to schedule a Solar consultation appointment.

We’ve Got The Live Solar Leads You’ve Been Searching For!

We’ve spent more than a decade specializing in the development and successful deployment of scalable, exclusive lead generation and custom acquisition direct mail marketing programs using three primary Pay For Performance pricing models.

Empower Your Sales Team To Exceed Your Solar Installation Goals.

We use a specialized integrated Solar Marketing approach to generate all of our pre-qualified live inbound Solar Leads on a Pay Per Lead or Pay Per Installation basis using a proven, highly sophisticated direct mail methodology backed by:

  • Statistical analysis
  • Predictive modeling
  • Intuitive and custom variable selection
  • Multi-layered database integration
  • Proven creative concepts
  • Marketing strategy development
  • Turnkey campaign management and more

And we understand your company’s Solar Marketing needs, sales operations, most profitable market segments, critical metrics and more … the way a true partner should.

Fresh Green Leads takes on the Solar Marketing performance and financial risk by providing Pay Per Lead or Pay Per Installation pricing, so you can focus on exceeding your Solar installation goals by keeping your sales team busy selling more Solar products and services. Take advantage of a Solar Marketing resource that is not only proven, consistent and scalable, but the pioneer of the innovative Pay Per Lead and Pay Per Installation pricing model using direct mail that has taken Solar Marketing and lead generation to the next level.

Stop Wasting Your Precious Marketing Dollars on Amateur Solar Lead Sources.